Organic growth spurs safety app success 

With safety and quality paramount on any minesite worldwide, it is imperative the right processes are in place for employees to maintain the level required by industry standards. 

By completing the appropriate checks and balances, workers can identify any hazards related to the task at hand and put the relevant controls in place to manage them, therefore completing the job safely and efficiently. 

After witnessing the tragedy of workplace incidents as a private investigator, SafetyCulture Chief Executive Officer and Founder Luke Anear felt compelled to recruit a team to help develop a mobile solution for safety in the workplace. 

This initial idea resulted in the creation of iAuditor – a checklist app available to download on any mobile device that allows teams to effectively manage safety and quality at the touch of a button. 

Launched in 2012, the app quickly gained significant momentum in a wide variety of industries and is now the most used checklist inspection app in the world, currently utilised in over 80 countries. 

“We saw people replacing their pen and paper inspections, which were often completed quarterly or monthly, as they were now able to start creating quicker, more frequent inspections,” Mr Anear said. 

“They could pull out their phone and do a quick pre-start check, take a photo and report things.” 

It was the impact of this real-time visibility that surprised the creators. Initially they imagined the product would just replace pen and paper, but instead it changed people’s behaviour and workplace practice. 

How does it work? 

iAuditor has given users the freedom of having everything they need at their fingertips. 

The app enables users to add their location information during an inspection, take photos and attach them directly to a report, type or dictate notes, include time and date stamps, look up relevant information and sign off with digital signatures. 

According to Mr Anear, the app is easy to use, simple to download and doesn’t require an IT team to make any changes to a specific checklist or workflow – everything can be actioned in a matter of seconds straight from the mobile device. 

“Having that level of engagement from your frontline workers completely changes how much information?you get back and allows the company to make better decisions about what is working and what is not working,” he told National Mining Chronicle. 

“That element in itself completely transforms the culture of a company because you go from one where it is all top- down driven change, to workers actually feeling like they are able to influence their colleagues and management.” 

The app enables the company to have everything at?hand immediately should something go wrong, which?in turn creates real and significant time benefits for the organisation at both a frontline and executive management level. 

“There was a fatality at a coal mine in Queensland where the checklist records were in storage containers onsite on paper and it took investigators three days of going through page by page to find the relevant information,” Mr Anear said. 

“This process is incredibly taxing and slows down the entire site with that kind of a delay. 

“Getting access to information when you need it is just as important as collecting it efficiently.” 

Who is using it and where to next? 

With no sales team and very little marketing, the organic growth of iAuditor is quite astonishing. 

Today it is used by 11,500 companies around the world, with the mining industry being one of the biggest sectors benefiting from the technology. 

“In Goldcorp’s case, it does over 1000 inspections a day and all of that information is automatically centralised and flagged where there are any issues,” Mr Anear said. 

“Companies are able to download it and usually we see it done without IT approval. Quite often there is an internal champion who wants to improve their workflow and they go out on a limb and download it because it is free to download. 

“That usually allows them to really test and build a business case that starts to get traction across the organisation.” 

As the mining industry progresses more into the automated and digital space, SafetyCulture hopes to integrate with the Internet of Things and other devices that are collecting data, such as drones, and work out a way to bring that information seamlessly into the app. 

“We are working to become the global brand and standard in safety and quality management,” Mr Anear said. 

“Our focus is on helping mobile teams to work out what is working well and what is not. We have a long way to go, but so far it has been very interesting to see how people around the world are using it.” 

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