Data-driven approach finds optimal training pathway

A breakthrough in the medium fidelity space, Immersive Technologies’ new simulation platform is already proving to be an industry game changer.

Ideal for machine and site familiarisation, emergency response and compliance training, the new LX6 simulator, which was unveiled publicly earlier this year, has a large vertical field of view which heightens the capability for shovel and excavator operators to clearly observe and spot trucks, offering great ground visibility when digging, dozing or grading.

Its wide horizontal field of view allows truck trainees to safely transition and navigate through intersections. The LX6 offers a six-screen platform that is built on the success and popularity of the three-screen LX3 that has already been sold and utilised by mining companies in five continents.

Speaking to National Mining Chronicle, Immersive Technologies Product Manager Ravitha Sukumaran said even though the LX3 could deliver training for digging, dozing and grading, to further develop their operating skills, operators really needed to have a larger vertical field of view, given most of the time they were digging into ground below. This is where the LX6 came into play.

“In terms of productivity and safety, the LX6 is ideal for early training stages, emergency response, machine and site familiarisation; completing compliance training for

safety, freeing up high fidelity simulators for later stage and business improvement focused training,” she said.

“LX6 efficiently trains large groups at a low cost while continuing to focus on driving customer safety, profitability and minimising production impact by reducing the time required for in-field training.”

Ms Sukumaran said the LX6 shared the same underlying technology as the high-fidelity simulators PRO4 and IM360 and had advanced capabilities for monitoring and assessing shovel (or any other loading machine such as an excavator or wheel loader) operator competency.

“Our software collects detailed information in relation to the operators’ loading efficiency such as bucket fill time, percentage of bucket fill, bucket passes per truck, cycle time and faults measuring collision with the bench and boom jacking, all of which can affect productivity,” she said.

“This helps to understand what the operator does or doesn’t do that has an impact on the overall productivity revealing any skill and knowledge gaps. This data is then used to provide targeted training to address these skills gaps and to improve productivity.

“This approach allows an optimal training pathway for each operator and helps to manage individual operators to an ideal state thus reducing the variability of performance among multiple operators.

“The simulator data is then analysed with the fleet data onsite where available to assess the

effectiveness of the training program and ensure desired real results are achieved.”

Miners using just truck simulation kits do not necessarily require the LX6, but those operating

simulation kits for shovels, excavators, wheel loaders, dozers and graders will bene t considerably.

“Many users of the LX3 are still using the three-screen version for this type of machinery; however, they now have an opportunity to upgrade to the LX6 to bolster their skills even further,” Ms Sukumaran said.

“With the LX3 and LX6, we are providing a scalable option for budget-constrained companies.”

Image: The LX6 simulator.

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Data-driven approach finds optimal training pathway

A breakthrough in the medium fidelity space, Immersive Technologies’ new simulation platform is already proving to be an industry game changer.

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