Productivity a key consideration 

Fuel efficiency is one of the greatest influences on hydraulic mining shovel operating costs, according to Hastings Deering Product Manager for Hydraulic Mining Shovels Andrew Thorn. 

He said the Cat 6020B delivered more than a 20 per cent advantage over the leading shovels in this class, helping to achieve the lowest possible operating cost. 

“Caterpillar and Hastings Deering understand that operating costs, productivity and safety are key drivers in their customer purchasing decisions,” Mr Thorn said. 

“Cat are constantly evolving its products to be more fuel efficient to help its customers reduce costs.” 

In a traditional hydraulic system, pumps must work simultaneously and operate at the pressure of the highest active circuit; however, the combined pump output 

produced is first consumed via the circuit demanding?the least amount of effort. This type of system generates higher operating temperatures with the need to feather?the operating controls in order for the higher load functions to catch-up. 

“This traditional system causes ‘compensation loss’, which can amount to a loss of 15 to 25 per cent of the total available hydraulic power, depending on the number of function that are in use,” Mr Thorn said. 

The new 6020B Hydraulic Mining Shovel significantly reduces fuel consumption by maximising hydraulic system efficiency as each circuit has a dedicated pump or set of pumps. This means only the required number of pumps are allocated to each circuit individually, eliminating the need for pressure compensation and its inherent losses. 

The new, more efficient Cat 6020B burns up to 20 per cent less fuel than competitive equipment of the same size, 

while loading up to 15 per cent more material, delivering higher production with a significantly lower emissions impact. 

The Cat 6020B also comes with Cat Health, from Cat MineStar, fully integrated into the system to efficiently monitor machine condition. The system is able to send alerts to service personnel to ensure problems are handled quickly. 

“It helps ensure preventive maintenance is done on time, which is one of the best ways to reduce lifetime operating costs,” Mr Thorn said. 

Another great advantage of the Cat 6020B is that with?the state-of-the-art cab it provides excellent visibility, perfectly designed to keep operators safe. It has a floor window for direct view of the tracks, large windows for safe positioning and loading, patented three-seat design with an unobstructed view of the digging environment from all three seats, plus strategically placed LED lights for maximum visibility during low light operation. 

“When a machine as large as a hydraulic shovel starts working, operators need to be fully aware of their surroundings and the Cat 6020B provides excellent visibility,” Mr Thorn said. 

The loading and hauling productivity of a minesite definitely starts with having an optimum pass match, and Mr Thorn said using the right-sized shovels and buckets was the first step in maximising truck loading efficiency. 

“Hastings Deering helps its clients choose the appropriate Cat Hydraulic Shovel for each operation and couple it with the correct bucket for the application to get trucks loaded in the optimum number of passes and with the most efficient loading cycle time,” he said.

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