Revolutionising In-Pit Dewatering

Mine dewatering is very dynamic, especially in a pit environment. 

Not only are the groundwater conditions constantly changing within the pit, but also the mine plan, blasting plan and dewatering plan continue to change. 

This continual change requires a safer, quicker way of installing and removing submersible pumps and riser-main for dewatering, which was the main motivator behind Australian Groundwater Solutions (AGS) designing and developing their Dynamic Dewatering Unit (DDU).

The unit provides complete flexibility, eliminating the need for fixed infrastructure and reduces capex costs over time according to AGS Managing Director Dwayne Moppett.

“Coming from a mining and groundwater background I could see the amount of wasted fixed dewatering infrastructure and thought why can't the equipment move with mine progression and not be scrapped?” Mr Moppett said. 

“There are a lot of companies manufacturing mobile dewatering trailers which are a fantastic product. But here at AGS we wanted to take it one step further and design and develop the complete package.”

The traditional methods of installing a submersible pump and riser-main into a bore is a high-risk activity, with dangers including entanglement and crushing, working in the line of fire, manual handling and working under suspended loads. 

The DDU eliminates the risk of these activities, with a safer process while dramatically reducing the time it takes to install and remove a submersible pump and riser-main.

The system also reduces the number of personnel required, with just one operator needed compared to three in traditional methods of in-pit dewatering. 

“This unit is an all in one install and removal dewatering machine,” Mr Moppett said.

“This piece of machinery will eliminate the need for multiple pieces of equipment and personal when installing and removing submersible pumps and riser-main. 

“For example, you will no longer need a crane and driver, no need for a protection cage and eliminating the need for an install and removal trailer for flexible riser-main, and less personal.”

The DDU's units are powered via a generator trailer, with a range of starting options to suit client requirements.

The units are available with three different designs, including fixed to the back of a truck, a platform with hydraulic legs or trailer mounted. 

They also offer radio remote control with a manual override option, booster pumps and a range of options to suit most client needs.

For more information about the DDU’s please contact Dwayne Moppett at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., call 0418 900 286 or visit

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