OPINON: A rambunctious question time in Parliament yesterday followed a speech by the Irish President Michael Higgins, whose country knows plenty about pots of gold at the end of a rainbow.

His visit coincided with the Liberal Party killing off a $392 million Budget revenue measure and winning currency with those beholden to the gold industry.

But Labor will be out to make them pay a heavy price with the rest of the voting public.

The terms “fiscal vandals” and “Budget wreckers” will be thrown around like confetti as the State Government grapples with replacing the lost millions.

Coming back across the floor of Parliament from Opposition Leader Mike Nahan and his team will be accusations about “broken promises” and “unfunded spending”.

It only seems like yesterday that Labor were throwing the same barbs at the previous government.

But politics has always had a habit of producing revolving-door themes.

Regardless of where you sit on the issue of blocking revenue or breaking election commitments, the past 24 hours has delivered something seriously lacking since Labor wiped the floor with the Liberals and Nationals at the election.

We now have a robust Parliament to observe with strong opposing views built around major affairs of state.

That might be cold comfort to ordinary folk wondering what Labor will come up with now in the name of Budget repair.

Another certainty worth mentioning is that the death of the gold royalty increase proves that it doesn’t matter which side of politics tries to extract extra money from the powerful and wealthy mining sector.

The Nationals lost their fight with the iron ore lobby and now Labor has been beaten by the gold industry.

If only the average punter could wield such power to stop their household bills going up.


Image: The West Australian