Analytical results from FYI Resource Limited’s recent reverse circulation drilling program at the company’s Cadoux kaolin project in Western Australia have been released.

All 75 RC drill holes for 1,613m were vertical, drilled to depths of 12m to 36m and confirm the high-grade of the Cadoux resource. 

FYI Managing Director Roland Hill said the results from the drilling confirm the company’s view and expectations.

“The balance of the analysis for the RC drilling is consistent with the previous campaign results and continues to support our opinion on the very favourable characteristics of the Cadoux deposit as a source of feedstock for the innovative HPA flowsheet we are developing,” he said.

“Understanding the geology and mineralogy of the project is fundamental to the success of the HPA refining and we are very pleased with the quality of the results for our development strategy.” 

The drilling is part of FYI’s development of a strong HPA production strategy, which is based on the high-quality aluminous clay deposit at Cadoux, as well as the augmentation of its metallurgical study program.

Following the results of the assays, the finalising of the metallurgical high-level variability test work and trade-off studies will commence, as well as being an addition to a revised resource model of the project by FYI’s independent geological consultant, CSA Global.