Neometals has announced the first stage of its lithium-ion battery recycling pilot plant in Canada has been commissioned. 

Contracts were awarded to SGS to construct and operate the plant in its Lakefield facility. Front-feed preparation will be the first process and following this, the hydrometallurgical processing and a refining stage will be approached. 

The latter stage will lead to the production of high purity battery material samples for market qualification testing. 

To assist in making the decision to invest in a commercial plant, a proposed front-end engineering design study and also a feasibility study will be undertaken. 

Neometals Managing Director Chris Reed said the company was delighted to see the project on course.

“The commissioning of the Pilot represents a significant milestone and marks the culmination of extensive research and development into a flowsheet to process multiple battery chemistries, from consumer electronics to electric vehicle applications,” he said.

With ever increasing volumes of commercial LIBs reaching their end of life, we are focussed on proving at scale, then qualifying our scale?able and modular recycling solution with industry as early as possible. The Pilot will serve as a showcase facility for potential partners as well as provide strong independent data for future engineering and financial studies”. 

Image: Neometals Managing Director Chris Reed, Kalgoorlie Miner.