Western Australia's newest gold mine was officially opened today by Mines and Petroleum Minister Bill Johnston.

Beacon Minerals' Jaurdi project, located 35 kilometres north-west of Coolgardie, is slated to process 500,000 tonnes per annum and add about 25,000 ounces to WA's annual gold sales tally.

“This project has progressed quickly, taking only 20 months between ore discovery and final approvals, demonstrating the strength of Western Australia's world leading approvals processes,” Mr Johnston said. 

The project has been quick to progress with initial exploration drilling beginning in January 2017, final project approvals received in September 2018 and the maiden gold bar produced in September 2019.

The mine and processing plant employed 60 workers during construction and will have an operational workforce of 40.

Latest estimates revealed there are gold projects worth $264 million, either committed or under construction, and planned or possible projects are valued at $959 million.