The 200km/h gale-force wind gusts have subsided as Cyclone Damien moves south, but residents of the Pilbara will be picking up the pieces for some time.

Fallen trees, smashed windows and lost roofs are left in Cyclone Damien’s wake. Most homes have now had their electricity and phone lines restored, with approximately 800 customers across the region having lost power on the weekend.

The Pilbara ports of Port Hedland, Dampier and Ashburton have now resumed business as usual after closures of varying lengths.

According to the Bureau of Meteorology, a severe weather warning and flood watch warnings remain in place for swathes of the Gascoyne, the Pilbara, and the northern Goldfields. 

The bureau said these areas are expected to receive rainfall exceeding 200mm over today and tomorrow, with the FMG’s Solomon Airport experiencing 205 mm in a single day. 

Karratha Airport received 162 mm, while Newman Airport was largely unaffected with less than 5 mm.

The former tropical cyclone is the third of the season off the WA coast and has been the worst to hit the region in 31 years. Now downgraded to a category 1 system, it is expected to weaken as it moved further south.

The WA Department of Fire and Emergency Services strongly recommends residents stay up to date with weather warnings.