With more than 50 years’ experience in water management, AllightSykes provides for diverse environments, from city construction sites to the largest open cut mines. 

Experienced and certified electrical contractors providing the mining industry with specialised overhead and underground power systems, the team at Main Power Services maps, designs and engineers power and electrical networks in a new, efficient and cost-effective way. 


One person, one lock is one of the most important safety standards to adhere to when multiple people are working on one site. 


Autonomous haulage systems are on the rise, with major fleet expansions underway in Canada and Australia.


Australian diesel fuel injection and turbocharger supplier MTQ Engine Systems Australia has joined forces with industry specialist Baxters to provide a comprehensive product and service offering to the aftermarket.

An opinion piece by RERISK CEO Jaqueline Outram

One of the world’s largest heavy-duty, track-mounted primary crushers, the Jonsson L160 will soon be arriving in Australia.

With new mines and expansion projects set to be developed across the Pilbara over the next few years, the outlook is positive for many service companies and equipment manufacturers. 

Drawing on more than 50 years of exploration drilling experience, Westside Drilling offers a reliable fleet to match. 

A staple for minesites grappling with dust control, baghouses are used to collect air pollutants, though over time, cement, coal, sand and rocks can start to pile up and these filtration systems can become saturated. 

Offering a suite of products for dust control, Rainstorm facilitates efficient solutions to reduce dust and other airborne contaminants in the mining, civil construction, materials handling and land rehabilitation industries, among others.