Product research and development is crucial to the Australian mining sector, which requires high-quality products capable of withstanding the nation’s harsh conditions.


This is the mantra Sinopec Group applies to its premium lubricants, boasting one of the world’s largest research and development teams to support its range.


Based in Singapore, the company has made extensive investments to develop a full array of products to suit Australia’s toughest applications and conditions.


Surpassing international original equipment manufacturer and accreditation authority specifications, the products have proven to deliver outstanding performance in the harshest  field situations.


Sinopec distributor International Lubricants Distributors’ (ILD) National Sales Manager Colin Osborne said the Australian mining industry was highly competitive.


“This means suppliers must continue to develop their offers to support the industry,” he said.


“We invest our money wisely to ensure we develop innovative supply solutions, ensuring lowest cost per litre supply, reduced downtime, extended drain intervals past and beyond industry-best performance and exceptionally maintained oil cleanliness to ensure our clients receive the most advanced and sustainable lubrication and expert service.”


Mr Osborne said Sinopec’s Australian lubricants were a cut above industry standards.


“Our delivery in quality and durability has proven results in extending the life of engines,” he said.


Sinopec released its Tulux T700 range of CK-4 diesel engine oils (DEO) last year off the back of its R&D investments.


Mr Osborne said the company was not first to the market with CK-4, but was confident it had produced the best- performing version of the oil for mining.


“Sinopec has produced the most advanced mixed fleet DEO seen in the market for over a decade,” he said.


“With low sulphate ash, phosphorus, sulphur and evaporative limits, the new API CK-4 spec oil will be fully backwards compatible to all equipment that calls for API CJ-4 or CI-4 engine oil requirements, allowing for product rationalisation.


“With stronger shear stability and oil film protection we expect better engine reliability, longer life and potential fuel economy savings over the former mentioned specifications.”


Mr Osborne said the Australian mining industry was widely regarded as a technological leader and was in the midst of another growth cycle on the back of improved global demand for its commodities, leading to greater demand for quality oils.


“The demand for Sinopec oil and lubricants is growing rapidly in Australia,” he said.


“Sinopec and ILD are working hard to keep up with this increased demand while still maintaining the utmost quality in product, customer service and support.”


Sinopec’s partnership with ILD has a long-established list of blue-chip clients working on and in some of the harshest and remote locations on the planet.


“Both ILD and SINOPEC continue to invest in development of new products and the continual development of our technical support offer for our ever-growing customer base,” Mr Osborne said.


“We are seeing and welcoming more and more competent distribution partners into our business as our reach continues to expand.”