Covering the exploration and mining of minerals in Australia is no easy feat.


Often located in remote areas, commuting between different mine operations and projects can clock up some serious travel time.


For pilot Kevin Thomas, transporting executives and officials is part of his business, which operates airports for mining companies and local government.


Required to travel long distances between airports every day, Mr Thomas said purchasing Cirrus Aircraft’s Special Edition Australis was hugely beneficial.


“Until 10 years ago I drove to all these places,” he said. “Huge kilometres were travelled, often overnight, so I could get a full day’s work in at the next airport.”


For Mr Thomas it was not unusual to drive up to 1500km in any given day.


“Driving in Australia at night means running into kangaroos and other wildlife, something I abhorred,” he said. “So, being in aviation and travelling long distances, getting a pilot license and flying was logical.”


Mr Thomas’ first aircraft was a 1984 Trinidad TB20, he then upgraded to a 2002 TB21 GT Trinidad. His first experience with Cirrus Aircraft came in October 2014 when Cirrus had a demonstration day in Cairns, North Queensland.


“I was in the area on vacation and I decided to take a closer look at the Cirrus,” he said.


“A 45-minute flight in the Cirrus showed me I had just stepped into the BMW of aircraft – the Cirrus had a solid, smooth feel and I wanted one.”


Mr Thomas said the immediate advantages of the Australis were fuel savings, range and uplift.


“So far we have landed on a dozen unsealed runways, and one in particular was rough and very unprepared,” he said. “I am glad to say no damage has occurred and the wheel pants actually protect the underside from stones and mud, another positive to the Australis.”


Set to travel higher, faster and farther, the latest Generation 2 Vision Jet from Cirrus Aircraft could significantly reduce time spent travelling for mining executives and potential investors.


Designed around the personal travel experience, the G2 Vision Jet cabin raises the bar in comfort, spaciousness and productivity.


Productivity and entertainment options abound as passengers have access to USB and 110-volt power outlets, as well as an expansive video monitor that extends from its flush mount overhead to deliver a best-in-class range of display and entertainment options from your favourite device. While the family seating configuration offers room for five adults and two children, each cabin seat is modular and can be quickly and easily repositioned or removed by the pilot, offering the added flexibility of more than 25 possible seating configurations.


On a typical mission, G2 now provides increased flexibility to carry an additional 68kg on an 800-nautical- mile mission and pushes top cruise speed even further, above 300 knots.


Image: The Generation 2 Vision jet.