For most operating mines, shutdown periods are necessary for performing essential maintenance.


Shutdowns can cost a company in production and profits, so having the ability to forecast what might happen during one can be extremely valuable.


This is the view of Red Arrow Group Managing Director Richard Tester, who said Red Arrow was able to improve shutdown efficiencies using its complete 4D shutdown simulation, ideal for short-term, high-risk closures.


“The 4D systems can be utilised to identify any potential safety concerns,” he said.


“Overlaying the fully detailed working 4D models into the point cloud data allows our clients to understand what information in the model is missing prior to commencing the work. It also helps realise what potential clashes or safety risks can be identified with the tasks.”


Mr Tester said Red Arrow had a proven national and international track record and currently had contracts with mining companies across Australia to provide its unique solutions.


“Red Arrow 4D provides centralised project and planning solutions,” he said. “Using advanced technologies to deliver solutions, innovation is always underpinned by the key drivers of stakeholder engagement, communication and collaboration. Our mission is to ensure quality schedules and project solutions are provided to our clients.”


As part of its services, the Red Arrow 4D planning support team reviews clients’ schedules and aligns the activities to the completed 3D model. The review focuses on these key areas:


1. Pathways and methodologies of how the activities are sequenced, including the utilisation of mobile plant and scaffolding during construction;


2. Access to work areas;


3. Potential safety hazards;


4. Opportunities to reduce the duration of and improve project objectives;


5. Complete workshops onsite with the construction team to minimise costs and risk;


6. As-Built data.


“Red Arrow 4D planning specialises in P6 and 4D planning services, with our trained personnel embedded at clients’ offices and forming part of the project team to ensure fast schedule development,” Mr Tester said.


“Red Arrow has the ability to forecast when it comes to managing 4D shutdown and project schedules with live 3D point cloud data and 3D BIM Models.”


As an indigenous, privately owned company with a head office in Perth, Red Arrow operates in the defence, commercial, infrastructure, mining and oil and gas sectors.


Image: A sample of a new surge bin in an existing plant being installed, linked to a 4D construction schedule.