Since 1968, Hytorc has been developing, engineering and perfecting torque tools designed to improve productivity and safety across a number of industries.


One such tool is the LION Gun – the world’s first affordable precision bolting system with built-in data recording.


Earlier this year, Hytorc teamed up with distributor WATT Torque & Porta Power to offer lucky customers the chance to win a LION Gun if they purchased another Hytorc product.


The winner of the competition, Brad Sheldrake from Royal Equipment, said while he had only had the LION Gun for a month or so, the benefits of the product were noted immediately.


“It reduces the time our guys need to set up for a job,” he said. “The safety benefits are definitely there, being that you are not dealing with higher-pressure hydraulic oil.


“You also have the benefit of having a lithium-ion battery, which is great, especially because it is cordless, so it has no trip hazard.


“It is very easy to use.”


The LION Gun’s industrial-strength gearbox is driven by a brushless DC motor connected to a non-impacting gearbox to deliver torque faster, smoother and more reliably than manual clicker wrenches, impact wrenches and other tightening tools.


Through the use of aerospace-grade alloys, the LION Gun packs tremendous power without the weight. The 18-volt lithium-ion battery provides long-lasting operation and a quick recharge time.


Built-in data recording capability allows the user to maintain a log of all completed bolting jobs. For improved quality control and accountability, the information can be saved to a PC or tablet to provide a permanent record of the work performed.


“We just want to make the industry safer,” WATT Toque & Porta Power General Manager Paul Farbrace said.


“The Hytorc gun is torque controlled, with push-button controls and a graphic interface that is downloadable to Excel format. This allows you to run a report on your tightening jobs, with results for target torque, time and date available as standard.


“The Hytorc cordless range currently covers torques from 250 foot pound-force to 3000ft-lb.”


Image: Paul Farbrace (left) presenting the LION Gun to Brad Sheldrake.