Drawing on more than 50 years of exploration drilling experience, Westside Drilling offers a reliable fleet to match. 


Based in Perth, Western Australia, the company specialises in remote RC exploration drilling programs. 


“When it comes to drilling efficiencies, it is all about having the machinery that goes the extra mile, all while thriving in Australia’s rugged ground conditions and intense heat common to the Pilbara region,” Westside Drilling Director Des Ingleton said. 


Well suited to even the harshest of Australian mining conditions, the jewel of the current fleet, the reliable MK10 Almet Masters RC Drill Rig, provides a small-footprint, low-impact, big-air 1350/350 or 1150/500 rig for RC drilling programs. 


Its rig-mounted cyclone and cone splitter coupled with a fast 6m 12-rod carousel and air-actuated deck spanners give the drill a depth capacity of up to 200m. 


This drill was recently used in Lithium Australia’s maiden RC drilling program within its Youanmi project, with hard, abrasive RC holes in the programs having been drilled across a variety of depths, azimuths and dips to complete the program successfully on time and on budget. 


“Our fleet is fully maintained by qualified mechanics and drill fitters with many years of experience,” Mr Ingleton said. 


“Coupled with our highly trained drilling crew, we provide high-quality, reliable and cost-effective drilling for exploration programs.”