One person, one lock is one of the most important safety standards to adhere to when multiple people are working on one site. 


Despite concerted efforts by government regulators, safety officers and engineering professionals, fatalities linked to hazardous energy exposure continue to occur across Australia each year. 


Renowned for being Australia’s trusted manufacturer and supplier of lockout equipment, Cirlock supplies busy minesites with equipment that prevents devastating incidents. 


Formed in 1992, the Australia-based company has grown from a one-man operation to a global supply network. 


The group lock boxes from Cirlock physically lock machinery in safe mode so energy cannot be restored while someone is still working on the plant. 


If more than one person is working on the same plant, each person should have their own lock which they attach to an isolation device to prevent the isolator being opened before all locks have been removed or opened. 


A group lock box is often used to avoid the need for multiple locks on each lockout point. It can also reduce the number of locks required on a job and can eliminate the need for multiple lockout hasps. 


Under this system, each lockout point is locked by one lock only (a supervisor lock), and these keys are placed inside a group lock box. Each worker places their personal lock on the outside of the box, securely locking the isolation keys away. As each worker’s task is completed, he or she removes their personal lock, and when all locks have been removed an authorised site supervisor verifies all workers are out of danger before reactivating power supplies or equipment. 


When it comes to group lock boxes, Cirlock has multiple options available in a variety of designs. 


Larger group lock boxes also include storage hooks for padlocks. Instruction holders can be fitted to some models.