Experienced and certified electrical contractors providing the mining industry with specialised overhead and underground power systems, the team at Main Power Services maps, designs and engineers power and electrical networks in a new, efficient and cost-effective way. 


Speaking to National Mining Chronicle, Main Power Services Director Cory Phillips said the company conducted detailed assessments and rigorous testing to find crucial defects and degradation on critical infrastructure. 


“With this data we are able to find solutions to restore the integrity of power systems and prevent outages and downtime,” he said. 


In Australia, the company has been involved in major commercial, government and industrial developments. 


“Main Power Services has provided a range of power systems, from single-line power systems to integrated overhead and underground power networks,” Mr Phillips said. 


“For one particular site we built power systems and network infrastructure from the power station to the bore fields and down to the camp, with all forms of generation ranging from gas and diesel, to hybrid, hydro and solar.” 


Using the latest telemetry systems to provide live feed on all assets, Mr Phillips said this allowed clients to remotely switch the equipment where required. 


“When equipment isn’t working in optimal condition, it can create unsafe working conditions and even emergency situations where your network might fault or cause worker injury,” he said. 


“Preventive maintenance not only improves the safety of equipment, but its longevity. 


“This in turn reduces equipment downtime, which saves time in maintenance and keeps your operation continuing as smoothly as possible.” 


According to Mr Phillips, asset inspection is imperative for maintaining the safety and reliability of any network. 


“For example, over time, wood poles can rot and decay, become a nest for termites and insects or develop any number of other problems that spell disaster for wood utility poles,” he said. 


“If a pole gives out unexpectedly, it can be a nightmare on several different levels. 


“Main Power Services has been working collaboratively with Western Power, State Government, local councils and land developers to convert overhead powerlines to an underground supply where it makes economic sense to do so. 


“This program is co-funded by the State Government, Western Power, local councils and property owners as a means of sharing the conversion costs with those who benefit most from the upgrade – namely the local council and property owners.” 


While underground services can be particularly tricky for fault finding, Mr Phillips said Main Power Services had an experienced team and equipment which could identify faults and rectify them to reduce downtime.