When John A. Stillwell founded Electric Wheel Company in 1890 in Quincy, Illinois, the steel wheel business would never be the same.


Not only producing, but changing the way people acquired and used everything from off-highway tyres, farm and wagon wheels, to crawler tractors – the booming business grew to make its mark in the early 20th century. 


The company was eventually renamed Titan International Incorporated, which is a company listed on the New York Stock Exchange. 


Titan International Incorporated designs, tests and manufactures wheels and tyres for the agriculture, construction, forestry and mining industries. 


The group has a manufacturing, distribution and service presence on a global scale, with facilities in the USA, UK, Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Turkey, Chile, Peru, Indonesia, South Africa, China and Australia. 


Established in 2003, its Australian subsidiary is known as Titan Australia. 


Evolving from the original business of Astra Wheels, then acquiring Andy’s Engineering, Andiline, and Wheel and Rims Engineering – Titan Australia grew a range of facilities in New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland before expanding into Western Australia with the establishment of a wheel and undercarriage testing and repair centre in Perth. 


Today, Titan Australia is the nation’s largest manufacturer and a market leader in the design, development and manufacture of off-highway wheels and the company isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. 

Its groundbreaking research and test facilities validating wheel and rim designs, network of sales distribution and service hubs including tyre and wheel service centres, wheel and axle manufacturing facilities and a large fleet of off-the-road tyre fitting service trucks, are making waves across the nation. 


Making a difference to its customers’ bottom line has always been paramount to operations, according to Titan Australia Managing Director Paul O’Brien. 


“Titan Australia provides complete customer support service, including tyre, wheel and axle sourcing, management,?onsite and o site service, in-house repair, and certification for wheels by fully qualified personnel in accordance with applicable Australian standards,” Mr O’Brien said. 


“We also provide complete in-house wheel and rim inspection, repair and certification services by fully qualified personnel.” 


Titan Australia has become the main tyre and rim maintenance service provider of choice, with a diverse client base dominated by mining companies, civil contractors, transport and logistics operators and original equipment manufacturer suppliers including Caterpillar, Volvo, Komatsu and Liebherr. 


All tyre fitting vehicles are manned by experienced Certificate II qualified fitters who, in addition to regular day-to-day tyre fitting jobs, are inducted on a wide range of mining and construction sites. 


“Titan Australia offers a complete range of wheels, from six-inch through to 63-inches in diameter, including fixed patented quick-change mining wheels, welded wheels, adjustable bolted tractor wheels, demountable (spider mount) rim options and clip-on dual applications,” Mr O’Brien said. 


“It also carries a complete axle assembly and spare parts range tailored to suit the needs of its clients.” 


Titan’s Quick-Change Rim (QCR) solutions comprise various designs, including its patented Outside Vertical Mount wheel system used by Caterpillar as the QCR system of choice on their 793F and 797F ultra-class mining trucks. 


“The QCR system is designed to improve minesite productivity by minimising downtime associated with tyre servicing and rotation, and to improve safety for tyre service personnel,” Mr O’Brien said. 


“It provides an increased crack test interval, longer rim life, improved safety and fewer rim-based remove and install procedures during tyre changes.” 


This is especially important when considering the unique challenges presented by the often-harsh Australian environment and climate, which Mr O’Brien said was applicable whether one owned a passenger vehicle or was responsible for an entire fleet of industrial, mining, construction or agricultural vehicles. 


“When you combine this with our range of tyre products and services it sets the benchmark for quality and responsiveness,” he said. 


Titan Australia also owns and operates a large fleet of dedicated tyre handler grab trucks in Australia. 


Looking forward into the future, Titan’s Low Sidewall technology, which features a larger rim diameter and smaller tyre sidewall than conventional tyre and wheel assemblies, is helping to eliminate problems farmers face, including road lope, power hop and soil compaction.