The recruitment industry has changed in recent times to be more reliant on new communication methods brought about by an increase in the use of new technology, as we are more active on our mobiles than ever. 


The challenge for future recruiters will be keeping up-to-date with emerging trends, evolving their infrastructures to accommodate new tools and adopting best practices. 


The evolution of new marketing technologies has made it easier to reach candidates through their preferred channels and at their preferred times. 


CoreStaff, a provider of labour hire and recruitment services to clients for blue and white collar roles, is embracing these technological advances. 


All job opportunities are loaded into CoreStaff‘s online platforms and funnelled out to various advertising mediums. 


Social media now also plays a significant role, with any hard-to-fill or volume recruitment projects being placed on?the company’s social media channels, increasing reach and boosting applications. Digital platforms have made it possible to eliminate some traditional communication methods without sacrificing too much of the human touch. 


The ability to select the right candidates has also increased with online psychometric assessments. CoreStaff can test the safety profile of a candidate before they are sent to site using the Health and Safety Indicator (HSI). The HSI can identify individuals whose cognitive and personality characteristics dispose them towards safe (or unsafe) behaviours in the workplace. 


Advances in recruitment software have assisted with candidate research. Using keywords from candidate’s resumes, cover letters or applications, the company’s recruitment database can search for appropriate applicants within the pool of more than one million candidates. This allows the company to know if the candidate has experience in different areas even if they are logged to a specific job. 


CoreStaff General Manager Mark Seigel said the company was committed to further development of its systems, with new additions and advancements. 


“Having recently acquired the Downing Teal Workforce business, CoreStaff has significantly grown its capacity to service our clients across many industry sectors,” he said. 


“CoreStaff has been in business servicing the industry for a long period of time and has the capability and reach to provide solutions to clients’ staff shortages, whether they be long or short-term solutions.”