Programmed’s Technology and Development team has launched two industry-leading technology solutions over the past 18 months. 


The Programmed GO app allows employees and job-seeking candidates to manage their careers from one place, while the Programmed Dashboard technology designed for customers helps reduce administrative processes and creates efficiencies through increased transparency of employee activity onsite through streamlined invoicing. 


Both technology solutions are a one-stop-shop, allowing employees and customers to manage everything in Programmed GO and Programmed Dashboard with ease and convenience. 


Before Programmed GO, the company was using multiple systems, each with its own primary purpose – one for managing incoming applications, another for recording safety observations and incidents, another for employee onboarding and training, and one for tracking time, attendance and accessing key information such as payslips and important business notifications. 


Programmed CEO Nic Fairbank said the new technologies weren’t about replacing the previous systems. 


“Instead, we aimed to re-design each system to meet the requirements of what the business and our employees needed, now and into the future,” he said. 


“With Programmed GO, all activities can be completed by our candidates and employees in one system, which is easily accessible across devices wherever they are. 


“Programmed GO has not only reduced time for our employees, it’s also created opportunity for our staff to spend more time with our onsite employees, build relationships and create a more connected environment.” 


Since Programmed GO’s launch, it has had more than 280,000 users, with 600,000 applications received by the company. The technology is continually updating, with new features and fixes added every month. 


The most recent feature added is a learning management system, allowing employees to complete tailored site and environment specific inductions, along with safety modules to refresh their knowledge. 


The latest feature allows employees to give a thumbs up or thumbs down rating at the end of their shift. This enables Programmed staff to identify and reach out to employees and gather deeper insights to ensure the right support is available if required. 


Once an employee is placed in a role, the Programmed Dashboard technology allows host employers to have better operational and financial management, with clearer visibility of rostering and spending patterns. There is the ability to review and approve shifts in real-time and have visibility over all employees onsite, all in one system at any time. 


The technology supports the company’s Zero Harm goal, with access to safety metrics for each site, including injury frequency rates. The technology enables employees?to receive safety alerts and notifications, as well as to report and review safety trends or incidents immediately enabling swift response from Programmed. 


Furthermore, to prevent fatigued workers, alerts set at intervals show which employees are getting close to their maximum working hours for a given period. 


“I am proud of what we have achieved through Programmed GO and Dashboard and I am excited about the opportunities it opens up for our employees and customers in the future,” Mr Fairbank said.