Due to the mobile nature of many minesite assets, Leica Geosystems Mining has released Leica Jasset, a monitoring solution to locate mobile and semi-mobile assets.

The new device will help sites keep track of supervisor vehicles, lighting plants, water pumps, communications trailers, generators and portable toilets, to name a few.

“Quite often, between shift changes, assets can get misplaced,” Leica Geosystems Mining Brisbane Product Manager Joe Arico said.

“This can happen for a variety of reasons and historically a mine wouldn’t track these assets. However, getting a full picture of all the working parts and resources within a mine is crucial to increase productivity.”

The Leica Jasset monitors an asset’s activity and status to provide up-to-date information for site monitors.

The device utilises a site’s existing Wi-Fi infrastructure or cellular network for communication and stores all data in the Jmineops database.

For existing Leica customers, there is the advantage of seamless integration with the Leica fleet management solution.

“Integration and interaction are the key benefits of the Jasset; integration into our customer’s existing network and the Leica Jigsaw platform, which allows for management, dispatch and the operator to visually interact with the asset,” Mr Arico said.

The device has been built specifically for mining environments with extremely rugged hardware that allows for easy maintenance and remote support.

Leica Geosystems Mining is part of Hexagon Mining, a global provider of surface and underground smart mining solutions that integrate design, planning and operations technologies to help create safer and more productive mines.

Leica specifically works to find solutions for fleet management and production optimisation, machine guidance, machine maintenance, business intelligence and analytics and autonomous control.

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